"Handsome is that Handsome Dose" - Traditional Chinese Fortune Cookie Proverb

Ace Bigerrr -

Ace, a third-generation Canadian Amish immigrant and
polysubstance abuser, raised in the Southeast region of Ontario, unknowingly joined

HD's predecessor band, Steaming Stream/Brackish Trickle (SS/BT) in 1980.  SS/BT heard Ace sing at a Karaoke bar while he was on his Rumspringa and signed him before they knew he could play the bass guitar.

Mr. and Mrs. Bigerrr loved gambling and ran an underground Monopoly board game ring - undetected in their Amish community before they were caught and forced to shut down the gambling activities.  Subsequently, they settled down but retained their obsession with gambling by naming their children Ace, Deuce, Trey, Cater, Cinque and Sice. These names are from Old French; Ace is originally from the Latin for ' unit'  which ironically explains another of Ace's endowments and popularity on stage. 

It is unclear if the Bigerrrs added the two extra Rs to their last name as a nod to the popular railroad monopolies or to their rumored ancestor and favorite highly initialed author, J.R.R. Tolkien.