"Handsome is that Handsome Dose" - Traditional Chinese Fortune Cookie Proverb

Cerebra "Zebra" Rig -

Raised in the back streets of London in the early 1980s, Cerebra gained her earliest musical influences in a single-parent home, the daughter of a chartered public accountant/singing waiter.  Cerebra attended the Ingenium Academy on Old Gloucester Street for talented musicians during her early teen years, ironically during a period when she had very little talent.  She quickly grew bored of classical music and discovered her true calling when she formed her first troupe, the all-girl ska/death-metal Wham!  cover band, Carewess Lisper.  Lisper peaked at #4 on the London Underground Euro Dance charts with the smash jig "HeartMeat, HeartMeat (Why do you fail me now?)"  Listen for related influences in the HandsomeDose dance ballad "Downtown Underground,"  co-written by Rig and Brice.  Her sexy one-word "ohh"  intro to the "Payback" refrain really makes the song.  Zebra has that "je-ne-sais-quoi" aura that makes both men and women swoon openly.

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